Expectations and consequences
  •  Class Expectations


     Students are required to come to school to learn and allow others to learn.

    Students are expected to be respectful, courteous, and helpful to others.

    Students are expected to be respectful of their school and its property.

    Students are responsible for their own behavior.

    Students will help to make our school a more beautiful place.

    Students are expected to do their personal best!

    Grade Level Expectations and Consequences

    Fifth graders are expected to:

    •       Prepare for middle school.

    •       Display respectful behavior

    •       Complete all homework

      Rewards for fifth graders include:

    •       Fun Fridays

            Mr. K coupons

    •       Kids at hope ticket

    •       Recognition from teachers

      Consequences for fifth graders include:

    •       Warnings

    •       Detentions

    •       Office Referral & Calls Home when severe

    Please review the handbook for further information and consequences.