Classroom Expectations


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1. Students will come to school ready to learn and allow others to learn.


2. Students will respect others and their property.


3. One speaker at time in the room, unless we are working in groups.

4. No teasing or bullying.

5. Always be honest and fair. 



How was your day?
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Class Dojo Rewards and Consequences


Behavior in my classroom is monitored by Class Dojo. Class Dojo is an App or website ( that parents can learn about the happenings of our classroom on. I will keep it updated throughout the year. It is important parents sign up with either an email or cell phone so they can get this information.  All Student points will be sent to the parent via text, email or the app.


Students will be awarded points for good behavior in my class. At the end of each quarter students who have compiled enough points will be able to purchase an award based on their score. Students who receive no negative points all week will have an opportunity to get a positive referral or falcon bucks.  To buy a prize of the assistant principal's cart. 




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Negative behaviors will come with consequences. Each negative point deducts from your child’s point total.  If repeated offenses happen during any given day students will face these consequences.  Some behaviors carry more than 1 negative point so it is important your child understands  I will be firm with these consequences .


-1 or -2 = Warning

-3= Lunch Detention/NoRecess

-4= Phone Call Home

- 5=  Referral to appropriate administrator and possible suspension.