Classroom Expectations


 No Bullying Zone.png

1. Students will come to school ready to learn and allow others to learn.


2. Students will respect others and their property.


3. One speaker at time in the room, unless we are working in groups.

4. No teasing or bullying.

5. Always be honest and fair. 


How was your day?
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Every day your child will be assigned a color.  These colors will tell you what kind of day your child had, behavior wise at school. They are to write their color in their agenda so that they can share it with you. 

Pink- Super Student

Purple- Excellent

Blue-  Great
Green-  Ready to Learn
Yellow- Think About it
Orange- Teacher's Choice
Red- Parent/Administrator Contact

I use class dojo in my classroom as my rewards systems. Each class dojo point is like a dollar and your children are able to use their points to buy things from my rewards board.  Students will receive points based on effort, participation, performance and behavior. 

if you would like to monitor your child's progress on class dojo you can email me at  and I will connect you. 


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All students who end the day clipped on any color below green will be sent him with an assignment where they will write a note to your explaining their behavior and what steps they plan to take to correct it. THESE MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED THE NEXT DAY. If not the student will have a lunch detention with me.