Educational Links

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Educational Sites

Google Classroom
We will use this site to do a great deal of our classwork. Students may log in to show your their online work portfolios and assignments. 

Wonders Connected

This is our reading program. Children will do some of their classwork and their weekly tests on this website. You can track their progress by checking out their scores. They can also access then entire wonders book from this site, so if they are absent and miss a story they can read it at home. Students may also do paperless assignments for homework if they have access. 

Study Island
We use this for test prep and standard mastery. This a great site for the kids to log in and practice at home because it is set up much like the standardized tests they will take. 

Moby Max
Another site that focuses a lot on Common Core Standard Mastery. 


Arizona State Standards

This page describes what standards or objectives the students learn during each school year. You can review these standards to see what your child should know in each grade. Knowing the standards, will help you reinforce your child's learning.

This website is good for math and reading practice.

This website has lots of fun interactive games.

This website also has fun interactive games.

This website has lots of math, reading, and writing worksheets.

This website has lots of fun things for kids.

This website gives teaching ideas to help your student.

This website is for content and practice ideas in the primary reading area.

This website has lots of different educational activities for kids.

McGraw-Hill Wonders Interactive Webpage (This is our reading curriculum)