Homework Expectations

Homework Expectations

1. All homework is expected to be completed by the day it is due. Please email me at wstern@fesd.org if your child is unable to complete an assignment so we can make accommodations. 
2. Students are expected to write all their homework in their agenda every night. 
3.  Students must read for 30 minutes every night. As part of this assignment there will be a reading log that parents should check and initial every night to let me know that your child is at least doing 10 minutes out of their 30 out loud to someone. 
4. Failure to complete homework will result in a missed homework note being sent home. If the assignment gets returned with the signed note, I will give the student half credit for the assignment. 

Homework will be posted on my website every night. Completion of homework will help improve your child's grade. All I am looking for effort. Even if your child does not understand the homework as long as he or she gives it a try, they will always receive full credit!