Homework Expectations

Homework Expectations
1. All homework is expected to be completed by the day it is due. Please contact me on Class Dojo or email me at wstern@fesd.org if your child is unable to complete an assignment so we can make accommodations. 
2. Students are expected to write all their homework in their agenda every night. 
3.  Students must read for 30 minutes every night. As part of this assignment Students must write down the book they read, the pages they read and how many minutes they read (at least 30) in their agenda for the day it is assigned. 

4. Every Friday there will be an Agenda Check. Students who do not write all their assignments or write down their Reading Assignment will lost points on this grade. This is the equivalent of 4 Reading homework grades. 
5. Failure to complete homework will result in a the score of a 0. This will greatly affect your child's grade. 

Make sure you child is doing their Homework!
Homework will be posted on my website  and on Class Dojo every night. Completion of homework will help improve your child's grade. All I am looking for effort. Even if your child does not understand the homework as long as he or she gives it a try, they will always receive full credit! Any homework that is rushed or does not show work will not receive credit.