School Rules
1.  I come to school to learn and allow others to learn.
2.  I will be respectful, courteous, and helpful to others.
3.  I will respect my school and its property.

    In our classroom, we use the clip up (for good behavior), or the clip down (for bad behavior).  Students are responsible for their behavior.  If they decide to make negative choices, then they are choosing to clip down the chart, resulting in consequences.  The same goes for positive behavior choices.  If students choose to behave, they move up the behavior chart.
    Students start everyday on green, ready to learn.  Positive behavior moves them up to good choices, great job, and lastly, super student.  If the students makes negative choices, the student chooses to clip down to think about it, then teacher's choice, (results in teacher choosing a consequence for the student), and lastly parent contact.  When students choose to clip down to parent contact, parents are contacted regarding the student's negative choice