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Arizona State Standards

This page describes what standards or objectives the students learn during each school year. You can review these standards to see what your child should know in each grade. Knowing the standards, will help you reinforce your child's learning.


This website will read storybooks to the students.

The website contains games, riddles, and fun for students and their parents to enjoy together.

Students can learn sounds, letter recognition, and words on this exciting website.

The website uses animals to read stories to the children. Children can choose to read with or without the sound.

The website provides a variety of educational games: reading, listening, math, and writing.

This page will allow you to make your very own worksheets. It creates worksheets for your child to practice writing their name, letters, or words.


The website uses animals to create and solve simple math problems.

This site has many different kinds of games and skills that your child needs in kindergarten.

Students will learn how to count, what the number looks like, and how to say the number.