Classroom Expectations



Classroom Expectations     


We want to maintain a safe learning environment so that we can all learn and perform at our very best. We have three rules in our classroom that we all must follow in order for our classroom to work as a family and a learning community.

Clasroom Rules

1. Be Respectful

2. Be Responsible

3. Be Honest

*Students are expected to follow the rules at all times.  Here are some of the rewards and consequences students may receive. 


1.    Verbal Praise

2.    Pick a book for the teacher to read to class.

3.    Falcon Bucks

4.    Treasure Box


1.    Verbal Warning

2.    Flip card to yellow or red

3.    Removal from activity

4.    No recess

5.    Call home/Note home

6.    Office referral


Students are assigned homework every night.  There are two pages of math homework assigned per night.  If he or she needs any assistance with a question, please circle it and we will review the skill the next day. 

Fowler Elementary expects all children to read for 20 minutes per day as homework.  The more a child reads the better reader they will become.