Classroom Expectations


            Below you will find important information of which will help you support your child in their education in second grade. If you have any questions or comments regarding any of the information below, feel free to call me or send a note with your child.



            Good attendance is very important. There is a direct correlation between the number of days a student is absent and test scores. Please send your child to school each day and on time. Please try to make Dr. or Dental appointments during non-school hours so your child doesn’t miss what he/she is learning during the day.  If your child is absent, please notify the office as soon as possible or send a note with your child.  The office phone number is 623-707-2500.



            Your child will receive homework daily, Monday through Friday. Homework will consist of math, reading comprehension, fluency, spelling, and practice multiplication facts and vocabulary. Please help your child develop good habits by making sure they do their homework and turn it in.

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            Your child will be assessed in various ways. Progress reports will be given throughout the middle of each quarter and you will also receive a formal report card at the end of each quarter.  

I’m looking forward to work with your child this year and helping him/her become a confident and successful learner!


Student Responsibilities and Expectations:

  1. Students will come to school to learn and to allow others to learn.
  2. Students will be respectful, courteous, and helpful to others.
  3. Students will respect our school and its property.


Students who follow the Behavioral Guidelines, Responsibilities and Expectations, will receive verbal praise and group/whole class incentives.
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Class Rules
1.always be respectful
2. one person speaks at a time
3. keep your hands and feet to yourself
4. Be honest

5. Follow the hand signals

Hand Signals
1. Pencil
2. Tissue
3. Water
5 question

If the students are not following class rules they will move their clip down in the clip it chart. If student continues to not follow rules or directions students will move clip down on the clip it chart again and will have detention with the teacher. The third time the student does not follow rules he/she will have to call home and talk to parents about their behavior in class.