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Welcome to Mr. Henry's website!  I can't wait for you  to start exploring my website so you can find the different ways that you can help your child with learning experiences right at home.  

The faculty here at Fowler Elementary School have a heart for the students that they work with and have a passion to see them succeed.  I want to encourage you most of all to have your child read at home every evening for at least twenty minutes to help them in building needed reading skills. It is also encouraged what after reading a story or watching a movie to ask your child to recall what the story or movie was about.

Other helpful tips that you can do is ....
..when you cook with a recipe. have your child read it to you.
...when at a doctor's appointment, have your child find words they know in a magazine.
... when grocery shopping, have your child read  the labels of the items in place in your cart.
... using a deck of card and the format for playing Blackjack, have your child subtract, add, multiply or divide the numbers they get.
Wan more ideas, just contact me at the information given below.

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Read Every Day! It's Dog Gone Good For You!

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