Parent Tips And Suggestions

Read To You Child Every Day
Reading Books.png
Have your child read at least 10 minutes a day with the best time being right before bed. If you need to, read first and then have your child repeat what you have read. Reading is essential since you can find it every where (menus, signs, catalogs, building and you could keep going. If your child likes video games more, tell them they can earn a minute of game time for every page they read. Reading is so very important and everyone (administrators, parents, teachers, uncles, grandmothers) needs to be involved. Make it a game.  Tell your child when they will read every night for let's say two weeks, then it could mean a trip to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. So its camera, lights read!!!!


1. If you take your child to the grocery store, have them read the labels on the containers you place in your cart.

2.  As you drive, have your child read signs that are along the way.

3.  Have  them look at magazines in doctor's offices.

100 Ways to Praise Your Child

Learning new skills can be difficult at times, but you’d be surprised how far a little encouragement can go. Try some of these to start, or add your own below!

  1. That’s Incredible!
  2. How Extraordinary!
  3. You’re Very Talented!
  4. Outstanding Performance!
  5. Far Out!
  6. Great!
  7. Very Brave!
  8. Marvelous!
  9. I Can’t Get Over It!
  10. Wonderful!
  11. You Figured It Out!
  12. You Should Be Proud!
  13. Amazing Effort!
  14. Unbelievable Work!
  15. You’re the Greatest!
  16. Phenomenal!
  17. You’ve Got It!
  18. Superb!
  19. How Original!
  20. You’re Special!
  21. Cool!
  22. Excellent!
  23. Congratulations!
  24. Your Project is First Rate!
  25. Way To Go!
  26. You’ve Outdone Yourself!
  27. You’re Super!
  28. Thumbs Up!
  29. What A Great Listener!
  30. Your Help Counts!
  31. You Make Me Smile!
  32. You Came Through!
  33. Terrific!
  34. You Tried Hard!
  35. You’re A Pleasure To Know!
  36. Fabulous!
  37. Your Effort Really Shows!
  38. You Made It Happen!
  39. What A Genius Idea!
  40. You’re A Real Trooper!
  41. It Couldn’t Be Better!
  42. Bravo!
  43. You’re A Champ!
  44. You’re Unique!
  45. Exceptional!
  46. You Set A Good Example!
  47. Right On!
  48. Fantastic Work!
  49. Breathtaking!
  50. Keep Up The Good Work!
  51. Clever!
  52. Awesome!
  53. I Knew You Had It In You!
  54. You’ve Made Progress!
  55. Magnificent!
  56. Your Work Is Out of Sight!
  57. What An Imagination!
  58. It’s Everything I Hoped For!
  59. Brilliant!
  60. Stupendous!
  61. You’re Sensational!
  62. Very Good!
  63. You’re A-OK!
  64. You Made The Difference!
  65. Good For You!
  66. A+ Work!
  67. You’re So Kind!
  68. Take A Bow!
  69. Super Job!
  70. How Thoughtful of You!
  71. You’re Sharp!
  72. Nice Going!
  73. Class Act!
  74. Well Done!
  75. Thanks For Helping!
  76. You’re Inspiring!
  77. How Artistic!
  78. You Go The Extra Mile!
  79. You’ve Earned My Respect!
  80. Hooray For You!
  81. You’re A Joy!
  82. You’re A Shining Star!
  83. You’re #1!
  84. You’re Amazing!
  85. What A Great Idea!
  86. Great Answer!
  87. Great Discovery!
  88. Extra Special Work!
  89. You Deserve A Hug
  90. You’re Getting Better!
  91. Wow!
  92. You’re Tops!
  93. You’re Catching On!
  94. You’re Neat!
  95. You’re Very Responsible!
  96. You’ve Got What It Takes!
  97. Spectacular Work!
  98. You’re A Winner!
  99. Thanks For Caring!
  100. Beautiful!