Useful Links


Helpful Links
Contraction Jeopardy Play a game of Jeopardy to help you learn contractions.

High Frequency Words (Slideshow) Practice the 100 high frequency words by reading them on this slideshow. Dolch Vocabulary Words, Second Grade, by Jill Perkins

Fruit Shoot Pick from 7 different levels to practice your math subtraction skills.

Abbreviations Game Play a game of golf to practice identifying abbreviations.

Storyline Online Do you want to hear a story read by a celebrity? Click here to listen to different stories read aloud.

GameGoo You can go here to find a collection of different games.

Children's Storybooks Online If you need a book to read, use this website. There are several books you can read online.

Strange Matter Do you want to see some cool science information? If so, click here to learn information about matter.

BBC Dance Mat Typing Do you want to become better at typing without looking at your fingers? Click on this link to practice your typing.

Bang on Time See if you can get the most points for showing the correct time on the clock.

Clock Shoot Have fun telling time by shooting out the correct digital time.

Study Island Study Island is the new website Sunridge joined. Click on Study Island to get started studying!

Adverb Ringers Play a game of horseshoes with adverbs, adjectives, nouns, and verbs.

Cool Math Games Click on cool math games to play some fun games and work on math at the same time.

Class Dojo Parents can log in to see the points awarded to their child.

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