Parent Info

Here are some strategies and suggestions to help your child be successful in the classroom. 

1. Review your child's homework nightly.
2. Review spelling and vocabulary weekly.
3. Keep a running record of spelling and vocabulary and review periodically throughout the year.
4. Study multiplication and division facts with your child regularly.
5. Read to and/or with your child every day. 
6. Have your child read nightly for at least 30 minutes.

*You can increase your child's fluency by having them read out loud.
*You can increase your child's comprehension by having them retell and summarize what they read. Have them include the main idea and give important details about the text. 
*Ask specific questions about what your child read. Ask questions about main idea, detail, cause and effect, inferencing, author's point/purpose, fact and opinion, problem and solution, and even vocabulary. 

Donations Needed

We are always in need of things to help our classroom function and run smoothly. If you can please consider donating the following items to our classroom.

* Hand Sanitizer
* Kleenex
* Clorox Wipes
* Pencils
* Erasers
* Scissors
* Books for the classroom library

We are also doing boxtops for education. These can be found on many items from Kleenex, cereal and many other items. Please check to see if you have any and clip them and have your child bring them to school. It's free money for the schools!